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I have a home network setup. My router is Linksys wrt310N. I currently have 5 total computers running off of it, a ps3, and Vonage VOIP. Eveything connects wirelessly except the vonage. My problem is my children hog up the bandwith on various torrent sites and makes using the vonage phone service almost useless. IS there any way that I can control how much of my total available bandwidth is available to my children's computer to prevent this from happening. I have tried using the QOS feature in the router and listed the vonage as premium and everything else at standard, but still no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you..:)
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  1. http://www.tech-recipes.com/windows_tips254.html

    Set it to 50%. The QoS scheduler must be enabled for the NIC:

    You can set their torrent programs to a lower global max download speed, then dig this config file out and remove the write permission for their account (create a new admin, and grant all permissions to it).

    However, I fear your kids are smart enough to figure it out. I think a talk with them will be in order.
  2. QoS is the answer here. You can set it up to listen for VoIP packets and have them getting 90% of your bandwidth. The rest of the family will eventually twig that their torrents slow down horribly while anyone is on the phone, but hopefully they'll understand.
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