which mobo for X2 5000+ Black Edition?

Hi guys,

In the AMD X2 5000+ Black Edition OC Article (http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/budget-overclocker,1708.html) the author didn't mention the mobo he used to perform the overclock. Doesn any1 know which one he used? Also, are all mobos listed on page 10 of said article decent enough for overclocking? Because for instance the ECS board listed is not oc-friendly at all.
Is the Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H a good option? It doesn't have CPU voltage options in Bios but should hit 3.1Ghz @ standard voltage...

Any other recommendations on decent OC-mobos for this CPU more than welcome :-)

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  1. here's a question for you: how much will you pay for 200 megahertz? I ask because I got an ECS 690GM board for 25 bucks after rebate, and it runs the black at 3.1. It won't do more because i can't raise the core voltage, but you're most likely not going to get any higher than 3.3 on this processor anyway. In order to do that, I could have spent lots more on a better board, but all in the name of that extra 200mhz

    My point is this: you can decide based on your desires. Any el-cheapo board will take the black to 3.0-3.1, or you can spend more to get to 3.3. If you want to spend more, I've had good experiences with the Biostar T-force 560, it's on sale at the egg for about 60 after rebate.
  2. Hey Jeremy, good point m8, think you're right :-)
    I can get the ECS AMD690GM-M here in Belgium for 40€ (about 64$).
    Is this the board you are using?

  3. How much are we talking about spending here?

    I went with the ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 570
    nice oc features

    my brisbane is running 3.21ghz rock solid 12hr stablity test idle 22c load 51
    just an idea if you decide to go with the asus board
  4. yeah, i think that's the same board. Just read a couple reviews here and there and make sure it has the bios option to adjust the cpu multiplier. the price seems high to me, but it might just be that your prices are higher than ours in the states. the point is to find a solid and inexpensive board without getting caught in the trap of spending crazy amounts of money for marginal gains.
  5. After some research, i opted for the ASUS M2A-VM (also 690G chipset) which is only 5€ more than the ECS and has cpu voltage/multiplier settings in the Bios.
    I just hope the multiplier goes higher than x13 as i've read in some old review but the board now supports the 6400+ which has a 16x multiplier so normally i think it's no problem...

    Thanks for you help and info !

  6. i got just about 3.2 with my K9A2 CF-F...good choice if u wonna crosfire...as for the price I paid about 80 Euros for it..cheap for a 790 FX
  7. you'll probably be happier with your choice, as it allows volt modification. best of luck in the build!
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