256MB 8800GT or 512MB HD3850 for gaming?

I am building a PC around christmas time for about $500. It will have 2gb ddr2 and amd 5200+. Because of my budget, these are the only two cards I am considering. I would be playing crysis and COD4 and bioshock and alot of new games. I wouldn't do any overclocking and I'd be playing at 1440x900
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  1. Start here, read this.
    The 3850 is a better VALUE. If your budget is tight, I suggest this card.
    The 8800gt is slightly FASTER.
    Many will say ATI has better picture quality, I would tend to agree with them that ATI cards do generally have a better picture quality than nVidia cards.
    Against these 2 choices, it's mostly personal preference.
  2. Plus the 3850 is based on a smaller die processor which allows it run cooler and can be overclocked very well.

    You can't go wrong with either.
  3. both are realy good choices, i would lean towards the radeon for higher resoloutions

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