Building new comp. Looking for best card.

I am currently in the process of building a new computer. At the moment I am looking to buy the parts listed below. The problem is it has been so long since i built my last computer and I have not kept up with graphics cards. So I am not sure what the best is anymore.

Last time i built a computer ATI was in the lead. Now it seems they are about even with Nvidia edging ahead a little. I have just started researching cards and wanted to post on here and see what others have to say. I dont really have a budget I would like to stay around $400 but I am trying to build the best system possible for right now so feel free to recommend cards that might be above that. Thanks for any help you can provide. (ordered 2) (still debating the OEM since my last OEM failed just after the warranty) (for cooling the CPU)
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  1. That looks like a great build, but the you should get a power supply, the Smillidon case is an amazing case, but the power supply not so much. My good friend actually owns that same case, but he bought a nice 750w PSU to keep his 10x HDD's powered. With your current setup I'd go with a 8800GT, since you have a SLI motherboard.
  2. I am going to buy a power supply but I am waiting to decide on one until i decide on a graphics card. Thanks for your suggestion the 8800GT is one I have actually been looking at.
  3. The current absolute best right now is still the 8800 Ultra. There are 2 problems with that though. 1)The 8800GT gives you close performance at a fraction of the price and power requirements. 2) The new 8800GTS 512 is coming out and it's supposed to deliver 8800GTX like performance, again at a lower price and power requirements.

    The new GTS is supposed to out this month (check me on this) so I would consider waiting just a bit longer to make your choice.
  4. I would get another SLI board. That board only gives you 16x on one slot and 8x on the other, so I would either get a 650 or 680 one. Since you're getting a SLI board, I would get the 8800 GT.
  5. I have your memory and your hard drive. Very happy with both

    I went with a gt8800 ko. The new gts looks like a great card but the cooling on it only drops it 4c (from what i read) and its gonna cost around $400 (from what i read).
  6. Hmm did some more reasearch. Is SLI all its cracked up to sound like it should be? Im reading mixed reviews.
  7. Sli is worth it if you're running at high resolutions or using extreme AA (i.e. 8x or greater at high settings)
  8. hmm I am looking at getting this card.

    I have been looking at the GT and the GTS's the prices are relatively the same but i cant really tell what the different is. I know this is a noob question but like I mentioned it has been a while for me. What is the different between the GTS and the GT?
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