The local print spooler service does not work

my printers disappeared. I got a message that my print spooler is not working. I looked and it says it is working. I restarted it. Same problem
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  1. Hi Steve,

    have you fixed the problem now? If you haven't fixed it yet, you can try the instructions here:
  2. I use Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. My problem is: Whenever I try to print something (word, pdf, or any other file); printer spooler stops working and when I check the “Devices and
    Printers” all the printer drivers seem to be disappeared.

    I checked the “Print Spooler” in the “Services” tool; and set the "Recovery after subsequent
    failures" option to “Restart the Service”. Therefore all the printer drives coma back after 1 minute. However the spooler stops immediately again when the uncompleted printing job starts; hence I can not print anything more than a page.

    Earlier in this forum, someone posted that Microsoft issued a hotfix for this problem ( hotfix 2388142) which can be downloaded from article:;en-US;2388142.

    I downloaded this hotfix and tried to install, however it gives an error message of: “The update is not applicable to your computer” and quits installation.

    I did uninstall and reinstall all the printer drives, but this did not help either.

    The problem started after I reinstalled windows from a clean formatting.
    I tried to restore back to that date but it also did not work...

    I also tried Clean Boot as explained in:

    The problem is still there even when all the services (except the Microsoft services) are disabled. Apparently a Microsoft service causes it.

    Any suggestion?
  3. Pyree said:

    Such problem was resolved with the solution Pyree posted in that thread. Thanks again, Pyree
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