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Looking for some advice on motherboards and consequently RAM.

I've currently got a 6600 quad and a 8800gt, 535w psu, and a 150gb raptor.

I need a motherboard and ram. I'm looking for recommendations on a motherboard with the 6600, and if you have first hand experience, on 2x2gb and 4x2gb ram configurations. I've heard there are problems with alot of mobo's in trying to use pairs of the larger amounts of ram. I'll be using xp 64 and vista 64 partitioned...

Me =D
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  1. Anybody?
  2. Motherboard: P35-DS3L/R. Both are great Overclockers. For RAM get:
    ^4GB (2*2GB) $80 after MIR
    ^2GB(2*1GB) $40 after MIR
  3. Thx Shadow

    Anybody else?

    Anybody think i should go p38 or one of the nvidia chipsets...? Anyone think 535w isn't going to be enough pwr to push that system? Stock and OC? or just stock? It's a sparkle 535 btw...The exact spec's i don't have on me here on this laptop...
  4. The P35-DS3L/R are great motherboards (especially if overclocking)

    I would only consider a Nvidia chipset if you plan on SLI, if not stick with P35.
  5. Cool, price chk...99-170...

    Ok...Looks like there are all sorts of those boards...
    GA-P35-DS3R * $126
    GA-P35c-DS3R $149
    GA-P35-DS4 rev 2.0 $179
    GA-P35-DS3P rev 2.0 $152
    GA-P35-DS3L *(sold out)

    I *'d the ones you guys recommended...
  6. Get the "P" or DS4 if you need firewire.

    Otherwise get the "R" and do not get the P35C. It has DDR3 capability but it is unneeded and it has known problems
  7. Quote:
    I have an Asus P5N-E SLI board with a Core 2 Duo 6600. I think I spent around $130 to $140 for the board 6 to 9 months ago. I went with the 650i chipset due to the price. I could not see any advantage to buying a 680i board at the time. Have you considered a Intel P35 chipset board? If I remember correctly, I went with the Nvidia chipset because you can run the memory speed asynchronously from the cpu. I don't think you can do that with the Intel chipset. Nvidia recently released their 780i chipset - probably pretty pricey. I have not seen anything yet about a 750i. Have fun with the new parts.

    This is a snipit of an email from a buddy of mine... You guys have any input on the memory asynch stuff vs sync (or intel vs nvidia) chipsets? Or is this misinformation? Or does it just not matter?
  8. If you are overclocking then yes.

    With those you'll have to have good case cooling and run them at their dedicated speed.

    On the email, you can run asynchronously from the CPU (4:5, 2:3 etc.)
    Intel's are better overclockers than Nvidia
  9. Quote:
    you can run the memory speed asynchronously from the cpu. I don't think you can do that with the Intel chipset

    ok so that info was just bogus. I don't think he did it on purpose, when he said, "if i'm remembering right", i knew i'd have to check in to it.

    If you are overclocking then yes.

    Ok same old same old then... Is there a particular type of ram i should be looking for? Like in ddr, tccd for some boards, or the low timings ram for others...
  10. 4-4-4-12 are good timings especially for 2x2 Gb sticks.
    5-5-5-12 are just as good. Get some with a heat spreader (Patriot, OCZ, Corsair, G. Skill are all good brands)

    Otherwise look on newegg and find the best deal with a good rebate at the right time
  11. ^Agreed. If they dont come with heat spreaders you can buy them for about $4. :)
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