Strange hard drive errors; SATA port

I'm having an odd problem with my internal hard drives, which basically amounts to crashes, but the strange thing is what seems to fix it. Here's what happens.

1) Computer crashes, sometimes suddenly, sometimes with a noticable slowdown beforehand. Often soon after bringing the computer out of standby.

2) On restart, it will not detect any of my drives. "No bootable device". Alternatively, sometimes it does detect the drives, but it will be unable to locate the Windows system files needed to start, and Windows will fail to start.

3) This is the strange part. If I unplug the SATA cables and plug them into different ports, it will start up without a hitch. Everything will be fine until the next crash, which may be in 2 weeks or may be the next day.

4) I've tried replacing the main drive (I assumed that it was dying, naturally). The new one does the same thing.

5) I've tried disconnecting the storage drive altogether (in case that was the one that was dying). Same thing happens.

Simply switching SATA ports fixes it (and it doesn't seem to matter which port. I've tried all four).

Is this maybe the hard drive controller on the motherboard?

Thanks in advance, if anyone has any ideas. My hardware knowledge is fairly low; I hope I've described the problem in a way that makes sense.
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  1. BUMP

    I'm currently having the same problem.
  2. Im having the same problem. Ever since I bought the Rampage Formula by Asus, I have had problems with that. I have a couple seagate sata 2's striped and if I shut off the machine overnight it wont get to desktop next time I try to boot. I have to take off the back case cover and unplug the cables from the hard drives, then plug them back in. Then it will boot properly. I added a 1 terrabyte drive to check other OS's and it wont boot at all. I have had problems only with this Asus board. I paid over $400 for it. I dont know if warranty is still good on it.

    I do have a question about sata ports on the board. I have the optical drives in sata 1, 2 and 3. I have the hard drives in sata 4, 5 and 6. Does it matter if I have the optical drives plugged in the first ports? Would it still work with the hard drives plugged in the first sata ports? I was always under the impression that the optical drives had to be first.


    Asus Rampage Formula
    Intel Core2Quad Q9450
    Ati 4870x2
    8 Gb ram
    Sound Blaster Xfi Titanium
    2x Seagate 1Tb Hdd striped
    Vista x64 OS
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