[speakers]creative T6100 vs. T6060,any difference?

i'm currently looking for a new 5.1 speaker set that will plug to my new computer which is about to arrive in a few days.
i can't tell you my budget becuz i don't live in the US and also prices here are much higher.
anyway,what i can tell you is that in price range i have these speaker sets:
1.loghitech x530
2.creative t6060
3.creative t6100
so,to my questions:
1.is there any difference in the sound quality between the T6060 to the t6100?
i saw here a good review about the T6100 and a good review T6060(that's about it...it's vard to find reviews of them) and i wanted to know if i can go with the T6060,which is cheaper then the T6100.on paper they look preatty much the same:the T6100 has a different design and a sibwoofer which is stronger then the T6060's by 4W but the T6060 has a remote,cheaper and i like there design more.
do you think the logitech x-530 are better then them in terms of sound quality?the T's have tweeters where the X-530 doesn't and this should make a difference.
anyway,waiting for you thougts.
THX A LOT to all the helpers.
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  1. The X-530's are not current offerings (not on Logitech's web site anymore) and have been replaces with the 540's. That prolly means you will see the 530's around at "clearance" prices.

    Newegg has the 530's at $55
    Newegg has the 540's at $55
    Newegg has the 550o's at $290

    I picked up a set of the 5500's about a year ago for $220 at newegg. I have ti say that 1st time a mob snuck up behind me when playing a game, I needed to change my shorts.

    But in the sub $100 category, best thing is to go in an hear them somewhere in a brick and mortar. Bring in something neutral sounding, but with considerable range, (Fiona Apple's 1st CD gives most speaker systems fits and can easily drive a lotta amplifiers to clip).

    With the Creative's, again the 6060's are non current models and have been dropped from the Creative site. The 6100s can be had from newegg for $79, putting them in the ballpark with the 540's.

    If the deals by you are like at newegg, the $20 discount for the ole 530's seem attractive. 83% of users rated them at 5.

    If it's between the 540's and the 6100, then I note that that 72% of users rated the 540's with 5 eggs versus only 59% of that for the 6100s. Though if ya can hold out for a little X-Mas cash, the 5500's are well worth the extra expense.
  2. as I said,i do not live in the US so i can't compare the prices over there to prices over here because of high taxing.
    if you do wat a bit of comparision between the prices,this the prices here(israel):
    logitech X-530: 110$
    creative t6060:140$
    logitech x540:160$
    logitech z5500:560$
    about twice as much then prices on neweeg:-(
    i would have bought from newegg and ship over here,but then no warranty.
    it can be that the lack of the remote of the t6100 lowered the 5 eggs precentge in comparing to the X540.i'll check it out
  3. Logitech Speakers are not mild to music as Creative.
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