HELP!! just bought 2 HD3870's want to run in crossfire

I have an existing motherboard intel D975XBX which I used for The X1950XTX'S in crossfire. Can I run HD3870 in crossfire mode with this board? I unerstand they run in crossfireX boards but this board doesnt support it. ARe the backwards compatiable with these boards?I assume it can be done. Any help would be appreciated installing at the moment. Dont want to upgrade motherboard yet

E6600@ 3.0ghz
2 gigs crucial Ballistix DDR2 800
2 74gig raptors in raid 0
HD3870's in crossfire hopefully
antec neo 550watt power supply

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  1. Hi ghostmann
    Crossfire X is something from the AMD spider platform which runs 4 cards crossfired.
    I havent heard of any specific reason why your board wont support the cards they will run in standard crossfire so unless there is a specific compatability issue with your board and the card you should be fine.
  2. Yeah I know what crossfire X is just wasnt sure if these 2 cards will work in standard crossfire mode. On ATI website its says they need Crossfire X motherboard wasnt sure if it was for a standard crossfire motherboard.

    Thanks for your help
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