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I will make this as simple as i can.
C drive: 150 GB
D drive: 750 GB

I want to either take the space from the D drive and add it to C if it's possible somehow...
Don't suggest Aomei because it destroyed my drivers (caused bsod and system kept restarting over and over every 10 secs into the start up).. and easeus looks the same

tried computer management/disk management and the free space I shrink from D can't be extended on C because the extend option isn't available...

I have asus pc windows 8

Sorry if this is on a wrong section

edit:C is my default where windows is installed... and it's running out of space pretty fast. switching installation default place to the D using regedit, causes all programs I have to stop working....
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  1. Are both partitions on same drive or different ones?
  2. Unless the partitions are both on the same drive, what you're attempting isn't possible. The best that you could do is setup a RAID config, but then you're sacrificing storage space, and would have to buy a controller.

    You could just go into the programs that normally generate a lot of data and choose a different save path, and then do custom installs in the future?
  3. You could use junction points to move some large directories from C: to D: but still appear to be on C:. http://comptb.cects.com/2268-overview-to-understanding-hard-links-junction-points-and-symbolic-links-in-windows
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