crysis, oblivion which one is more fun??~~

hellow everyone~~

i just want to see how many people like these two games. also vote for one game that you think is fun~~

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  1. That's like asking "cake or chicken, which taste better?" Two completely different things that you can't really compare. Both games are great though.
  2. Crysis is a joke.
  3. you are a joke
  4. Dudeson said:
    you are a joke

    Forgive me for not wanting to do what I consider to be a waste and play a game that, in my opinion, lacks any real substance other than amazing visuals.
  5. IMO Crysis > Oblivion. I couldnt even bring myself to finish oblivion. I bought it both for the PC and for the Xbox 360 and just didnt like it on either setup. I played both of them for about 4 - 6 hours so and it was just to slow and boring for me so I quit. I loved EVERY aspect of crysis other than my systems lackluster performance in the game, but it is to be expected. I feel to many people dislike crysis because it was hyped up alot and when that matter what there will always be people that say the game sucked because THEY believe it did not live up to the hype. IMO just because a game is hyped (i.e. Halo 3) does not mean that if it isnt without faults that it cant still be a great game. Crysis was everything I expected it to be...even though it started to get somewhat long in the SP around 10 hours for me. Just my two cents.


  6. For me, it depends upon what you want to do. I really enjoyed playing Oblivion. Real-time RPGs rock! I spent countless hours immersed in the game. Once I got to the point where I had a good invisibility spell, a lifesight-enchanted ring, and the Daedric armor that I enchanted with the sigil stones, I was rockin' good. It was a lot of fun taking a character who was pretty much built for strength and forcing him to take a magic path. Now he is tops in both fields. I'm looking forward to the expansion pack The Shivering Isles.
  7. altazi said:
    I'm looking forward to the expansion pack The Shivering Isles.

    Shivering Isles has been out for quite a while now, its pretty good but doesnt deviate from the original game all that much imho.
  8. I would say Oblivion. This is not to say that Crysis is bad, but in my

    opinion it is about the same as FarCry, good for one go around and

    then a few plays here and there to show off your rig. In Oblivion, I

    have enjoyed countless hours of messing with the guards and with

    people. I also have been known to play with the console commands.

    tcl, resurrect, movetoqt(only after my first time beating the game)

    In Crysis, the coolest stuff in the game was for the most part in the

    demo. Testing the physics, and messing around with the "if i do this

    then what will happen?" sort of thing. But in the end, I think Oblivion

    provides a much longer lasting gameplay experience then Crysis, at least

    for me.

  9. Oblivion>crysis. Crysis was fun, but I won't play it again until I can get good performance at high settings. even then it will only be to see the graphics. nothing about the story makes me want to play it over at this point. Oblivion on the other hand has so much to do and see it is jsut ridiculous... there could be a hundred hours of gameplay it you wanted there to be. Crysis= 6 hours of gameplay for me, maybe some benchmarks.
  10. I have both of these games and they are both fun with great graphics.

    Like some of the others here said, its two totally different game styles and you have to decide what interests you more. Midevil timeline gameplay or more futuristic gameplay.

    Both games require a pretty decent system to run on higher settings so if you dont have fairly new hardware you may need to do some upgrades before you get either game.

    Personally I recommend either game but again it depends on your interest of game style...

    Oblivion is a much deeper game and will prove more game time for the money.
  11. Didn't finish Crysis yet, but I think I will. So far - stunning graphics, mediocre gameplay. Still, a good game overall.

    Oblivion... was a bitter disappointment for me. Again, beautiful graphics but too many things in that game just suck. I quit when that fellow Baurus found me on the deepest level of a dungeon on the other side of the map, and then tried to escort me back to Imperial city sewers ON FOOT. That game is full of bugs and flaws like that. It's such a pity.

    I think STALKER, Bioshock and COD4, to name but a few, are better than both these games.
  12. if you thought this was dumb question, im sorry, i was deciding to get one game so..
  13. I like RPGs, especially when I don't have to drag a bunch of teammates around with me. I really like Diablo 1&2, Dungeon Siege 1 (haven't played 2 yet) and Sacred Gold. I sat down and started playing Oblivion on my 360. My neighbor gave it to me when he couldn't get more for trade in than $7.00. I LOVE FPS games but again when they don't require single player team control.

    I prefer Crysis to Oblivion. Totally different games though. I like older RPGs more than Oblivion (Dungeon Siege especially). I'm not finished with Crysis and have put at least 20 hours into it. I'm playing on Hard and am not rushing through. I like to "kill everything" and explore and play with the environment. Doing so makes the game so much more.

    I'm not too far into Oblivion. Some of it just seems "TOO MUCH". Some is just annoying, but I'm actually trying to decide if I'm going to buy if for my PC and get off the 360 controller. I might like it more on the PC simply because of being able to use a keyboard/mouse.

    I loved Lineage II, but it's an online only pay per month game. I hoped Guildwars would be as good, but it has too many annoying limitations (god I hate crafting!!!) and it's not really a jump in and play for 20 minutes then come back 3 days later and continue from were you last were. DS, Sacred are like that. Oblivion is kinda like that, but more slow paced.
  14. Crysis isn't much fun with all the lag (no my system isn't ancient)

    I can't hold 20fps ingame while fighting a few foes...

    Game loading off of a 2x36gb raptor raid 0, opteron 2,6ghz with 2gb @ 500mhz, 8800gts 640.

    Sure it's hardly creme de la creme, but I expect to play at above LOW, with no AA

    Crysis is effing stupid, They should've waited five years with the release, and it doesn't even look that good at very high to begin with.
  15. It totally depends on what kind of games you like. Oblivion and Crysis are both among the best in their respective genres.

    If you are and RPG fan you will get a hell of a lot more our of Oblivion, and that's before you discover some of the awesome mods that have been made for it.

    If you are a shoot-em-up instant gratification type gamer then you will probably hate Oblivion and love Crysis. Personally I think HL2 and its episodes are better games than Crysis. That isn't to say that Crysis is bad, but HL2 is just that good.

    One last thing, if you don't have a beastly system you won't enjoy Crysis nearly as much. The visuals really enhance the gameplay.
  16. Yea I thought I was doing good until I hit a real firefight in Crysis.
    Have x2 6000+ @3.150 2gig ram and a 8800GTX @ Ultra Speeds (620/1500/1080)
    Set all setings to Very High with res @ 1280x1024 life was good avg 25 to 30 fps I was like what is everyone complaining about then I hit a big fight LOL talk about slideshow :( made me sad oh well you gotta have some Hardware to make this thing look good well have fun it looks good but not real impressed with very high settings myself so hard to turn it lower...
  17. if you want to play crysis... wait for the geforce 9 cards to come around
  18. The best games to me are the games that keep me going with a good story, even if I have to give up some graphics.. One mans meat is another mans poision, pick one and have fun!!!
  19. I just told a friend, "Crysis is the funnest game I've played since Oblivion". I hadn't even thought about which one is funner 'till I read the post here. I would have to say Oblivion. I've beaten it twice and am on my third go-around, and I'm still thrilled with every aspect of it. I did the same with Morrowind. And occasionally still jump back in to amaze myself with the graphics, sound, story of both. However, Crysis is freak'n fun. It's what I like in a shooter, as I do not like games like COD4. I like the Sci-Fi stuff better. I too agree that HL2+ is better overall. The sound, story and graphics in that order, are what really captured me in HL2.
    The graphics are what drives Crysis, I'm on "Ascension" now and playing it on "all high" settings 1280x960, w/2xAA and 16x. It looks amazing w/just DX9 path. I WILL play it again w/DX10 X-fire config. (max settings, to see the difference through the whole game). 2 cents.
  20. Even though they are both in different genres, Its hard for me to recommend a game like Crysis. Its just ok. Its more like extended tech demo (a la Doom 3, Far Cry). It just seems unfinished and unpolished. Oblivion on the other hand seemed like a massive undertaking. Gameplay is fantastic and well thought out, story is amazing, soundtrack is immersive, etc. Oblivion is a game where they focused on three important aspects: Story, gameplay and visuals, none to a lesser extent than others. In Crysis, it seemed like they focused on visuals the most then just threw in the gameplay and story at the end. For those of you who forget, thats my opinion, ha.
  21. Damn, this is like asking what is better... apples or oranges. They're not in the same genre so I'm not sure how a comparison can be made.
  22. Ill take Crysys over oblivion. Why? I only play FPS :)
  23. Oblivion is a first person game. It's an FPS in my book (plus you can shoot things like bows/spells). I'm not even going to play Crysis through again until my performance is good AND stable. early in the game I tweaked it so that I got near 30 FPS in most situations. much to my surprise my FPS were cut in half on a particular snow stage. I won't even mention how badly the aircraft carrier level ran. It's sad that I can max out COD4, which competes well with crysis, and stay above 30 FPS on the same rig that won't run Crysis well on medium.
  24. I am an RPG person, much like Stromm, except that I love Guild Wars; can play for hours, helping people on missions, or w/e. I enjoy all the other games he mentioned; I see some D2 or Sacred in my immediate future on a long flight, if not before.
    I tried Morrowind, but found it tedious and mechanically very difficult; Oblivion I found similarly difficult so I only played it for maybe half an hour. I tell myself I'll try it again, and see how immersive it is, if I can get past the mechanics. I lost a lot of left-hand coordination in 1980, so I prefer a more automated combat, but I'm still getting better with practice.
    I don't know if I'll get Crysis. I like Deathmatch in Unreal Tournament, but I'm just not that twitchy. I'm waiting for the next great RPG. I have high hopes for Guild Wars 2, but specific reasons to be very nervous that it will byte big bones. We'll see.
  25. I would have to say that these games are two different things, RPG vs FPS, hard to compare, seeing as they are so very different. Oblivion is great because of all the cool stuff included in it, there's lots to do even after completing the main quest. I tried Crysis, Its good, don't get me wrong, but its completly different that Oblivion. Crysis vs COD4, yeah you can compare that, but Crysis vs Oblivion is not going to work.
  26. both are great games, I'm not sure which I would say is better, I've spent countess hours playing oblivion, and far less playing crysis.

    I find that both games give a large amount of freedom to compete objectives in almost any way you want. Both games can have a sort of sandbox quality to them that allows for experimenting with different playing styles.
  27. Both games are great IMO.
  28. I played both from start to finish and they are both fun. It really just depends on what you are in the mood for, with one exception.

    If you are looking for "bang for your buck" then Oblivion is probably vastly superior in the playtime regards. I mean I finished Crysis pretty fast, yes I am planning on playing it again but its not the same thing as the first run through. Oblivion has a lot of stuff you can do, quests etc, to give you hours upon hours of playtime without replays.

    I really liked Crysis though as I have always enjoyed a dash of stealth in my FPS w/o going all the way to Tom Clancy. I always twitch a moment too soon and break my cover in those games and get gunned down! I like the "optional" stealth in Crysis. Not to mention the nano suit was very fun. Do I stealth in and kill people one by one, or strength jump in and out of the compund like a Frogger from hell?

    I didnt have *any* issues running Crysis on my rig. No crashes, though my tolerance for slowdowns is probably higher than most people here so I cant comment too much on "slideshows" for fights. I only remember any real lag when the "large enem(ies) were around" and only on occaision.

    Both fun, if you want a game to play a lot to hold you off until you can afford the second, I guess I would go with Oblivion. Tough call tho.
  29. Yes crysis has stunning graphics and physics but it really has no proper gameplay, and that is what matters to me. on my 360 my oblivion account has 127 hours gameplay over six months, completed every mission, side mission (yes even those ones that you get from random people) and dedric shrine quests. I loved playing it so much it was my first 360 game and it is worth it %100
  30. Oblivion > crysis, i've played 100+ hours of oblivion (including knight of the nine (a big 3 hours..) and shivering isles (maybe 10-15 hrs can't remember), oblivion is great, crysis is too, but i'm waiting for mods (MechWarrior is gonna be sweet!) and the sequels (it's a trilogy.. :\)
  31. If I can do this in tautology. (still havent played these games! -waiting STILL to upgrade from my 5900 - oops) ATS I prefered farcry to Morrowwind - though Morrow had greater longevity - but can we compare the longevity of a roleplayer with the sheer fun of an fps??.. nope.. though I think we can compare the games overall. so I guess Crysis wins for me. or would win, or would have won, or will would have won.. (is there a fourth conditional??).. Makes any sense? Hey what makes sense these days..

  32. Hey, I still like the old UT G.O.T.Y. edition where you can rename the bots. There is visceral satisfaction in blowing Osama Bin Towel to bloody chunks, or seeing Nosir Arabfat's head go bouncing down the hallway.
  33. For me, it is Crysis > Oblivion. Both are good games, but I can't seem to get into Oblivion. Of course, I am biased towards FPS
  34. Crysis has consumed me. I am currently running a 32bit version of Vista Home Premium. In order to run the map creating engine, CryEngine Sandbox2 (comes along with the installation CD for Crysis), you are required to run a 64bit version of Vista. Because I have become so involved with the game I am not letting any of the added kinks in running Sandbox2 stop me from continuing on. In the end, working through the little obsticals will make playing the map I created that much sweeter.
    As for Oblivion, I rented it for XBox 360, played it non-stop for a week, and always wanted to return to it on the PC. Oblivion is definately a great game.
    All and all, I have never returned to Oblivion and this is partially to blame on Crysis. Crysis does have its flaws at the current point in time and if those little issues bother you then wait on purchasing it. Just remember the longer you wait the better chance I will have with taking you down in MP. Good luck!
  35. I think Oblivion is the best game ever released for the PC! I love action RPG's and have more than 400 hours playing it, just exploring the world of Oblivion is just breath taking. Playing Crysis is just so much fun to play, I love letting the enemy see me in the woods and then speed out the other end and flanking them while there still looking for me. :lol:

    Oblivion is just the most fun game I have ever played, Crysis is second to it. Oblivion makes you forget that your even playing a game at all. :love: :ouch:
  36. purplerat said:
    That's like asking "cake or chicken, which taste better?" Two completely different things that you can't really compare. Both games are great though.

    Hahaha, true that. So which really is better? Cake or Chicken? I would have to say chicken, nine times out of ten. Great... now I'm hungry...

    As far as Crysis and Cblivion, both are great, Crysis is kick-ass fast action shooting with intense multiplayer. The story line isn't uber good, but it was enough to keep me quite interested. A good, if not great FPS. Multiplayer doesn't have a whole lot of modes, but it's still great fun. It kicks my system's ass though. But then again so does Oblivion. Oh, and it's fun to grab aliens and destroy them "by hand"...

    I haven't played Oblivion in a while, there is so much to do, it's almost overwhelming... Having to do the same stuff over again sucks most of the time (if you start fresh or something, doing all the fighters guild, etc, etc stuff can be tedious). But it's pretty awesome. I'm not a big RPG player, in fact, Oblivion is the only one I play besides KOTOR. Great game, lots to do, soo many items, and its just huge. That's kinda what put me off though, so much to do that I got overwhelmed. But once I get in an "Oblivion groove" it can get real fun and immersive.

    So yea, I dunno. If you are asking this to buy one of them, I suggest getting both. Oh, and maybe make a poll or something, so you can get an easier reading on opinions.

    GAMING FTW, (though it can consume and destroy lifes...)
  37. jhyukkang said:
    hellow everyone~~

    i just want to see how many people like these two games. also vote for one game that you think is fun~~


    Crysis is a FPS, and though I gave Farcry a try when it dropped in price, I didn't enjoy Farcry as much as I did Morrowind. So, for me, Oblivion is much better than Crysis.

    Still, Oblivion has flaws, not in comparison to CRPGs out today, but in comparison to it's ancestors. One of these days Bethsoft might just make a game as good as Daggerfall. In fact, I enjoy Daggerfall so much that I'm replaying it this month (which is why I have a Vista/XP dual boot).

    Daggerfall accomplished more in its generation than Oblivion has it its generation. Maybe by the time we have 8 core CPU's and quad core GPU's, we'll see a CRPG as complex as Daggerfall, but made with technology a few steps beyond Oblivion. I'd love to see a world as huge, cities as crowded and quests as varied as those of Daggerfall, but updated.

    Oblivion was a bit too crowded in locations and a bit too sparse in population, plus the dialogue, while nicely voice acted, was more tedious than either Morrowind or Daggerfall's. When I get my 3850 card in February, I'll give The Witcher a try, and also Hellgate London (which is more Diablo Too than true CRPG). Then, I'll try out a few recent RTS's that I've missed because I didn't have a great graphics card.

    No FPS can equal a good CRPG or even an RTS in my book. I can't wait to see Spore, that looks quirky.
  38. Oblivion has an active modding community so you can customize the game more easily to your liking, however I did not like Oblivion so much, becouse I was already spoiled by Morrowind ( predessor for oblivion). My expectations were too high and Oblivion failed to deliver the same kind of impact that Morrowind did. I still think that
    Oblivion < Morrowind
  39. PhantomBlot said:
    Oblivion has an active modding community so you can customize the game more easily to your liking, however I did not like Oblivion so much, becouse I was already spoiled by Morrowind ( predessor for oblivion). My expectations were too high and Oblivion failed to deliver the same kind of impact that Morrowind did. I still think that
    Oblivion < Morrowind

    My wife's active at the Morrowind modding forums (she's redwoodtreesprite). I used to post on the Oblivion forums prior to the game's release, but found it to be basically a decent CRPG but not as good as the prior games. RTS tells me that the Oblivion CS available for download wasn't as good as Morrowind's CS, and that Shivering Isles made changes that basically prevented old mods from working. That's why she spends most of her time modding for Morrowind (plus a few other games like the Fate, a Diablo 2 clone for kids -- our son enjoys that).

    The way I'd state the devolution of TES is as follows:

    Conception, scope and implementation:


    Graphics, voice acting and "casual gamer mojo":


    Personally, I think the way the average gamer doesn't play a game more than once, and seldom finishes a CRPG at that, means that we won't get any more Daggerfalls anytime soon. We won't even get much more like Morrowind. The Gothic series went downhill from Gothic to Gothic 3. I found it rather amusing that Gothic 3 and Dungeon Lords are bundled together as shovelware. Dungeon Lords is actually fun, with a few nice monster models (the vampire's quest in the slum is rather fun), but the whole game is buggy, unfinished and rather sparse outside of the first town.

    What's that other CRPG that was so bad upon release that it could be finished in 3 minutes time due to a bug where the bad guy showed up in the first town and got attacked by peasant's? The game where they had to do a patch to add a few old ladies, and every town was full of generic guys? Sort of made Might and Magic 9 look good in comparison? Oh yeah, Two Worlds.

    Maybe the MMORPG is the death of great single player CRPGs, which is why Oblivion stands out in this pygmy generation. I have hopes for The Witcher but haven't even read a review, I just want to get a 3850 and buy the game and give it a try sight unseen. I might even give an MMORPG a try: The Lord of the Rings online game looks good and has a new DX10 patch.

    I have high hopes for TES V, but I'm sure they'll spend a few years on Fallout 3 before they even get major resources devoted to it. One of these days, Bethsoft has to give us another Daggerfall, in scope, in population, in quantity and quality of quests and in plot surprises with different endings.
  40. Well, I have found that I never finish most RPGs... they just don't drag me in.

    However, I am really loving The Witcher... it is different (hard to get use to at first) Once you get into the game, its fun and the story is pretty good.
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