Gigabyte RAID0 Issue

I just finished building my new PC with a Gigabyte X88-DQ6 mainboard. Connected my 2x 750GB up to the purple SATA ports, set up RAID0 on the Gigabyte raid controller. Installed Vista Prem 64 bit, connected my other 4x750gb's to the yellow SATA, all sweet, running fine. I just recently had to reset BIOS to optimized default settings, and now the RAID is not seen unless I unplug the 4 750G SATA's in the yellow sockets. BIOS doesnt even see the 2 drives being there, or the RAID array. But as soon as the additional drives are unplugged, boots into Vista perfectly. I put all the BIOS setting back to how they were when it was working. Anyone have any idea what the problem is? Its like the 4 storage 750GB's when plugged in are tricking the computer into thinking the raids not there
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  1. It sounds like you have a misconfiguration in the BIOS.
    Get the motherboard manual out, it should have the info that you need.
    I bet someone with that board might be able to help you more.
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