DVD-R Drives won't burn DVD's and cannot burn content

ok here's the deal
i downloaded a computer game so i tried to write it to a disk as it says i should
the whole thing is a bout 3.8 gigs so obviously a CD won't work
I put a dvd into my DVD-R drive and it says the disk is not writable
the dvd is blank never been used and it won't write the data i need some help because I've tried everything
please help thanks!
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  1. It could be anything, from your DVD-R to the software you are using to the disc. The fact that the disc was never written before does not stop it from it being closed. You can close a session on a DVD by not writting any data on it. It could also be that it is a DVD+R and your DVD writter is only DVD-R compatible.

    1) Try a different disc first
    2) Try different software
    3) Try the so called empty disc on a friend's computer and see what it says there.
    4) Very unlikely - Your DVD-R is faulty and needs to be replaced.
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