Can't connect to wireless

I can't seem to be able to connect to my wireless Internet on one of the computers I have. (It's NOT a laptop)

I plugged the router into the computer and it can't find my network, or any, really. It works on a different computer.

I'm guessing the wireless config is turned off or something. I have played around with the computer and can't seem to turn it on. Where would it be located?

I'll post updates as I get them.

Please please please help!
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  1. Have you checked in device manager(press Windows key + Pause/break) to see if you network controllers are listed. If they are, check the devices properties to see if they are working properly. You could also uninstall them from there and restart your computer. On restarting Windows will detect new hardware and reinstall the drivers.
  2. Does your computer have a wireless card. There should be an aerial attached to it (on th rear of your PC ). If not you will only be able to use an Ethernet cable
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