WD MyBook 1TB esata not detected

Can somebody help me with my esata problem?

I have a MSI P45 Platinum mobo with en esata connection, I also own a WD MyBook 1 TB with esata/1394a/USB connections.

The WD MyBook works fine on FireWire and USB, however, BIOS does not detect the drive via esata.
esata is enabled in BIOS.

I noticed that my esata cable did not quit fit in the WD drive, so I cut back on the sleeve for a better fit.

Would the esata connection make a big difference compaired to FireWire 400?
I have read on other forum that the sustained transfer rate does not exceed 70 GB/s anyway.

Anyone suggestions?
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  1. I have a similar problem. I have a MSI x58 Platinum MB with Core i7 920, 6GB DDR3, 2 500GB SATA 2.0 drives, a Radeon 4870 X2, and Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate Edition. However my BIOS does detect my 1 TB WD MyBook Home Edition, but Vista will not. I have tried switching to AHCI, and installing new SATA/RAID drivers to no avail... help please!
  2. P.S. Yes, an eSATA connection would make a large difference. Data transfer rates would be comparable to that of internal SATA 2.0 speeds.
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