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Virus is affecting my program and it does not allow me access. Would like to delete and reinstall without loosing the current files that I have on the system. I have made a prior backup, so this should be ok, but currently the program has japanese/chinese characters in the files, acts strange when I try to save files in the past, or rename them, and now I can not even access them on my computer. Suggestions?
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  1. MS Office 2007 Home & Student can be uninstalled and then re-installed without any problems.

    I have Office 2007 as well as Office 2010, and I have transferred it from computer to computer after uninstalling. No problem at all. The only caveat is that it be running on no more than 3 computers at the same time (3 licences).
  2. If you want to make sure your files are OK, buy a new hard-drive, install Windows on that. Then install the original drive as a seconday and copy your files over. You probably want to run a full virus scan using a couple of programs first though.
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