2 of 3 hard drives in RAID1

Hi, I got 3 hdds 2*500gig WD Caviar and 1 300g WD Velociraptor 300gig. I have already installet vista on the 300gig drive and now I want to make a RAID1 unit of the two 500gig drives.

I did this according to the manual for my Asus P5N-T Deluxe motherboard which seemed to work fine, meaning the RAID unit was created but now the computer could no longer find a bootable device.

I had not done anything to my 300gig hd with vista and the raptor was the first drive in the boot prioritory list.

Removing the RAID1 unit in the bios and disabling raid did not help, had to repair from the vista dvd, the details of the repair showed that the mbr had to be replaced on the 300gig drive. So everything is working now but I still want to create my RAID1 unit. What should I do to avoid having the same problems again?

Following a suggestion from another forum I created the RAID unit with the Raptor unplugged, this kept the MBR of the Raptor from being corrupted but the computer still cannot boot unless I disable the RAID array in the BIOS.
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  1. Solved

    For some reason the boot folder and the bootmgr files where installed on one of the 500gig drives and not on the raptor. That is why I could no longer boot from the raptor when I created the RAID array.
  2. Hi hope i can help as i own a asus motherboard,in order to get the harddrives working you have to go to your bios configure it to raid 1
    and enable the hardrives, it will delete all the information,
    2nd you will have to get the raid drivers,
    and you need to put them on a disk or a usb drive if your motherboard supports it, with out the raid drivers you will not find a bootable device,
    to install after os install it says advanced or press f6 and find the driver on the disk or usb drive and load it,
    after you load it it will show you the harddrive and install it.
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