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So my main hard drive was experiencing some problems and I needed to re install the OS (since I didn't have any back up points on it). I copied the important programs to another drive (most programs were already on that drive and then installed a fresh copy of Win 7.

My boot drive is only 60gigs and had very few programs on it (basically just shortcuts, a few pictures, microsoft office, etc). So I copied microsoft office (about 800MB?) to my 1TB HDD and now I'm having problems running it. I have the folder (microsoft office) on my desktop and when I go into it and click "word" it says: "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application".

How do I fix this? The folder is 893 MB and has all the program files in it so I know it's not just a shortcut or something like that.

And it is a legit copy of win 7 and microsoft office before you ask. Thanks for the help.
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  1. You can't just move programs like this; there will also be registry entries to change. For a program like Office there will be many and it will be difficult to trace them all. The only safe way to do this is to uninstall Office then reinstall specifying the new disk as the install location.
  2. Ok that makes sense, however their must be a way to do it without using the disc again. On my laptop (from 2007) I have a preinstalled copy of XP and microsoft office but I no longer have the disc for that computer. So if I were to do a fresh reinstall of that OS, how would I keep the office software?
  3. Having reread your original post, you have no choice but to find an Office install disk. (The manufacturer may sell you one at a nominal price.) You also need to know the serial number of your previous install. Having reinstalled the OS you have lost this data unless you made a clone of the disk before the reinstall.
  4. Ok, well that is lame but I can find the disk. Thanks.
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