sound blaster audigy in a p35 problem

ok so i made a new system, and i tried to take my sound blaster audigy 2zs from my dell xps and put it in my new system which uses a gigabyte intel p35 ds3l motherboard, and the cable that connected with that sound card in the dell wont fit anywhere in my new system

what kind of a cable will i have to get for it to work? that sound card is pretty common and it seems silly to me dell had to use their own little special cable

do i need a cd in cable? a spdif(sp?) cable? thanks in advance
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  1. You shouldn't need a cable to install the sound card.
  2. ya i installed it fine, but the sounds are all distorted and my drivers are working fine

    i just figured it has to be that cable since that is the only thing that changed, but i figured someone on here would know what to do
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