Laptop: Unmountable Boot Volume in XP

Last week, I was making partitions in my external HDD using Management Disk and I believe I didn't do anything to my laptop HDD.

The day after that I turn on my laptop it comes with the windows error menu, which says things like boot into safe mode, last known configuration and stuff like that. No matter which one I choose, I get a blue screen saying Unmountable boot volume which flashes for a second and then restarts itself, I was able to read the text by choosing not to boot my hard drive in the BIOS.

The thing, is, how do you fix this? My laptop doesn't have a disc drive and I can't use the recovery console in the XP installation because I can't boot. Is there a way to boot the XP installation with a USB flash drive?

Sorry if this post sounds noobish.
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  1. First i would check the bios to see if your hard drive is set to AHCI, Compatible, or IDE... Most will be set to Compatible or IDE which is fine, but if it is set to AHCI or something else change it and try starting up.

    When it boots up to the boot options there should be something that says disable automatic restart on blue screen, please select that so you can get the exact blue screen error message.

    One quick fix is to startup the computer using the windows installation cd and choose to go the the recovery console, there you will want to first try

    chkdsk /r /p

    if that doesn't work try it again along with


    Please ensure you do not have any USB devices plugged into the machine during startup. Only Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor, everything else should be disconnected. sometimes just doing this will fix the problem.
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