Problem Flashing 8800gt to PCIe 1

I just upgraded from an 8600gt to an MSI 8800gt, which arrived yesterday. I installed it in my computer and tried to boot, but did not get anything on the screen. After some research, I discovered that no one with my motherboard (Abit AN-M2 7025/630i) has been able to use an 8800gt because PCIe 2.0 is compatible with PCIe 1.1 and 1.0 but not 1.0a, which I surmise my mobo is. The solution for this is apparently to flash the 8800gt BIOS to PCIe Gen1, so I booted using onboard video, downloaded nibitor and nvflash (v.5.57), edited the BIOS and loaded them onto a bootable CD along with nvflash. Unfortunately, when I tried to flash the BIOS in DOS, it was unable to identify my 8800gt, but it did say

Note:Unconfigured display adapter found, device not accessible

It also mentioned that the unconfig display adapter had G-92 stepping, so I assume it is finding the card but not recongnizing it. Does anyone no how I can get around this and flash my BIOS anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Does anybody know about this issue?

    I want to buy a 8800GT graphics card and I have MSI RS482M4-ILD( Does anybody know if it is gonna work on my board?

    Apparently it doesn't work on some boards as mentioned here:
  2. PCIe2 is backwerd compatible, you shouldn't need to re flash.
  3. According to this and the original poster there are problems with at least some motherboards:
  4. Well, I have an MSI P965 Platinum motherboard (with an E6400 CPU) and I've been wondering if the 8800gt would work in it. I don't even know wich PCIe version my mobo has. Does anyone know? I can't believe my system is already "old"!
  5. MSI P965 platinum has pci-e 1.0a.

    Doesnt exactly answer my question though.
  6. Are you sure you get the last version of nvflash? only latests versions recognize 8800 i´have been told. good luck.
  7. This problem has been driving me nuts for several weeks now. is just one of the forums I have posted on.
    You should be able to flash the drive if you have a PCIe X4 slot which I do in my IP35 Pro as the card will work in this slot, just not in the x16. I even bought a new mobo an Asus Maximus but both slots were x16 and it didn't work in either.

    Who actually owns this problem?
  8. Hi, this is my problem. And here's the strange thing. The card will work, it just won't boot. So right now I'm booting using my onboard video and then switch to the video card. It works, but it's sort of inconvienient...

    Does anyone know a solution for this?
  9. Next time spend the extra cash and get a REAL mobo.
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