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Hi people. I have had a problem with my Battlefield: Bad Company 2 game. I know that there are numerous other topics all over the net but they fail to find a good enough solution, so i'm turning to you, knowing that you know almost everything there is to know about pc's. So, to my problem. My multiplayer works flawlessly, whereas my singleplayer can't save my game progress, although occasionally the "SAVING" message pops up in-game. And when i say it doesn't save my progress i mean it doesn't create a save file in the bad company 2 documents folder. Please answer if you have any suggestions, I am desperate to find a solution and know that i can enjoy the full capability of the game.
Thanks in advance
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  1. Simple man, no problem, just go to "My documents", right click on it, go to "Properties", then go to "local", then go to "Move to", and then chosse C:\
    If after you pressed apply it says that it was not possible, don´t give a crap, it will work anyway.
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