Giuve me some c++ code for here

Prob 1:

Accept dollar value and print the equivalent peso value. The program will convert dollar to peso having an exchange rate of 1 to 43.35

Create a program that will accept
a temperature in Fahrenheit and print its equivalent temperature in Celsius. The formula for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius is C=5/9(F-32); where C is the temperature in Celsius and F is the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Accept integer values for the length of the adjacent and opposite sides of a right triangle and compute and print the value of the hypotenuse. The formula for computing the hypotenuse is C2=a2+b2.
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  1. Not even a please?? :(

    ...Sorry, but we don't do people's homework for them. If there's a specific question you have though, I'd be more than glad to help out. :)
  2. I think you are studying the wrong course if you can't even have a stab at these problems, jm06. Do yourself a favour and switch to something simpler to avoid future disappointment.
  3. Yeah, these are simple ones, even for a novice.
  4. gamerk316 said:
    Yeah, these are simple ones, even for a novice.

    I'm assuming that will school just recently starting up again, this is their first programming assignment/project for the class.
  5. The questions contain 50% of their respective answers. All that is missing is basic input and output.
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