How do I easily change my IP address ?

Hello! I am in need of a new IP address and have only random guesses on how to get one. I'm not going to lie, it's because I have one too many bans from various places, and I would like to revisit them. I have Comcast broadband internet with a Linksys router. The problem is that a person in my house uses the computer like 16 hours a day, and would freak out if there was any downtime, so it would need to be a quick switch. Could I simply replace the modem that Comcast gave me to get a new IP? Is there no easy way to do this? Please help!
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  1. Contact Comcast and tell them you need to change your IP
  2. Clone the MAC address of a PC on the Linksys router and then reboot the cable modem.

  3. Use a proxy server for your web browsing.
  4. using a proxy server would be the quickest and maybe the best way to go. The various sites you were baned from may have banned your IP address or may have banned your MAC address. If they banned your MAC address then it doenst matter what your IP is you'll still be banned. Using a Proxy will not reveal your MAC address and so you will be able to go to the sites again.
  5. Change the MAC address of your computer or use MAC Address Cloning in the Router setup to change its MAC. Power cycle your comcast modem, it will think a different machine is connected and give you a new IP
  6. Yeah, your short term answer is to use a site like proxify to get around the problem. If that doesn't work, clone the mac address and power cycle that sucker. You'll want to type in your router IP to the address bar of a browser to do that.

    If you've the gift of the gab, call comcast and explain that your neighbours room-mate was recently evicted for stealing the neighbourhood wifi bandwidth, which is why you're banned from all those sites and are now in need of a new IP address. Apathetic grunts in IT support will more readily assist you if you can brighten their day, and they can easily identify with the numpty neighbour story.

    I don't suppose IPconfig/renew would be of use here?
  7. try using a vpn connection to a server... one that i find perfect for this is

    It's a vpn server that allows u to hide your real ip.

    You can also use microvpn for accessing a pc behind router, map a remote drive, or share files.

    download here
  8. ToR:
    Used to control the outgoing IP Address

    Proxy Firewall:
    Used to assign specific programs specific IP Addresses using Tor

    To change your ACCTUAL IP-address sometimes they can be static to your DSL/CABLE modem, and changing this is specific to the ISP.
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