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Ok let me see if I can explain this properly. I have a Westell Wireless Gateway (modem/router together) in room A which is the main router. I have a Netgear MaxRange router in room B that I'm using as a wired switch right now. What I'm trying to do is use the NetGear router as my wireless access point because the Westell range stinks. When I enter in the following addresses I can not access my Netgear router to change the setting, I have tried to following: (which gets me to the Westell) thru 192.168.47

None of the above allow me to access the Netgear. How do I go about using both of these routers together and using the Netgear as the wireless access point?
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  1. What you don't seem to state is how you want to link the two routers. If by wireless they will need to support WDS (check reference to Wireless Distribution System in the specs or setup screens).

    See this which may help explain how to link the two routers by ethernet cable.
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