evga 780i,e8400,9800gx2.vista premy 64-bit need ram help

Hey Guys I am building my first gaming desktop. I need suggestions for my ram. Would like to get 2x2gb but unsure which to go with. 800/1066/1333? do i need sli? planning to get 2nd 9800gx2 for quad sli.also would appreciate any help from those that have the evga 780i with e8400 for overclocking suggestions. Thanks guys. I'm a noob so any help and specifics would be much appreciated.
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  1. if your overclocking and ur processor runs at 1333 fsb, i would suggest getting the 1066 mhz or 1333 mhz ram so you have room to overclock. running a higher frequency of ram will make your system more stable so you can increase the fsb of your processor without damaging your motherboard. someone could correct me if im wrong on this.
    also in regards to getting a 2nd 9800gx2, theres really no point unless your doing alot of hardcore gaming such as crysis at very high settings. sli is overrated and a newer generation geforce will top 2 cards in sli. its a scam against you so that you spend more money on technology that will be replaced in a year or two. its not worth it in my opinion.
  2. Thanks alot man. Now are there any suggestions on which brand to go with at 1066 for ram?g.skill,ocz,or even kingston?
  3. For the RAM, I strongly suggest Corsair. IMO, it's the best out there (for DDR2). It's kind of lacking in the DDR3 department.

    I am currently running an E6600 with 4GB of Corsair XMS2 DHX (DDR2-800) on my P5B Deluxe motherboard. It was a great upgrade over my Wintec :D

    The only reason I would consider any other brand is for rebates. I know I'm only talking about Corsair, but OCZ can be great as well, but there are so many quality grades that it's easy to get screwed. I just ordered 4GB of DDR3-1333 OCZ Gold, even though it's nearly the cheapest memory out there, the timings are loose and the OCZ Gold have a really bad reputation for overclocking capabilities.

    ** I got these because of the price. It cost me 105$ CAD including shipping and taxes, for 4 1GB sticks. I'll just get DDR3-2000 when it cools down a bit. This is temporary.

    If you're in the US, get this.


    The Corsair Dominator is usually overrated, but with the rebate going on, I strongly recommend it.
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