Which Board for my setup?

Ok im going to get this stuff:
Gfx: nVidia 8800gt 512mb
cpu: Intel q6600 G0 stepping (probbly OC a little to 3ghz)
RAM: some DDR800 or 1033, DDR2 - not bothered what, its so cheap i dont care.

MOTHERBOARD, i dont know which to get.
probably P35 series, and i cba paying for a brand new X38.
And i dont know whats better, P35, or nvidia 650/680 - i dont know
Ive had a look and they all seem very similar.
I want something for less than 60 quid, (which is like, $120 and i dont know how much euro)

post your suggestions :)
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  1. If thats your budget the best would be P35 board
    GA-P35-DS3L or DS3R... Or Asus P5K-e if you have enough
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