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Hi, I have been searching for benchmarks comparing the new 3870s and the older x1900xt but have found nothing. I was looking to see how much of a difference in performance there was because i know the 3870 usually beats the 2900xt by a little bit but i remember back to May when the 2900xt was the same as the 1900xt so I didn't upgrade. I was excited to see that Toms added the 3870s to the VGA charts but the banged my head off the desk when all the drivers were still Cat 7.1. I love this site but I had Vista in February with 7.1 if I can recall correctly. That was the worst driver i have had on my comp ever!!! :crazy: They all sucked until about 7.4 7.5 ish. My games work better with 7.11 on Vista then they did with XP. Posting benchmarks with a brand new card and 10 month old driver is not helpful. I understand that THG will probably have a new chart in 08 and i understand that they couldn't possibly update the charts with every driver release (once a year is fine). But why does no site compare ATI's older cards(R580) with the newer ones(R600 and RV670).

Sorry if this turned into more of a rant then a plea for help but it seemed rather odd to me. So if anyone could post some links to a review of a 3870 that includes any X1K series it would be greatly appreciated. I am sure there are others who are looking to upgrade but don't know what the gains will be. And sorry if this has been posted before or if I missed some obvious review somewhere. Thank You.
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  1. http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=377&card2=547

    Look at the bottom of the page, don't know if it helps.
  2. Well considering the 2900XT performs similar to the original 640mb GTS, which when I compare my X1900XTX to my buddies 640mb stock GTS his card is close to twice mine. So I would say that the 3870 is a formidable upgrade. I plan on getting either that card or the 8800GTS 640mb SSC Edition for x-mas (preferably the 3870, but if there is none available then I am not goin to wait. lol) Hope this helps.


  3. The HD3850 256MB seems to match or beat the X1950XTX (king of that generation). So that gives you a starting point for comparing the two generations. The HD3870 is another step up from the 3850 and the X1900XT a step down from the 1950XTX.

    Only 3 games compared: http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3151&p=9
  4. It is quite a big difference but i don't think it warrants an upgrade. Wait till the next lot of cards hit.
  5. Quote:
    i know how you feel to an extent, i am waiting for something to appear that would justify an upgrade. right now it just does not look like there is anything around that has any longevity.

    oh here is another review, only has a 1950pro but that is pretty close to a x1900xt i believe


    Thank you for this review...I have been looking for something with the 3870, 8800GT, something similar to mine and the evga 8800GTS SSC edition on it.


  6. Thank you all for the help. The links were very helpful, especially the one from the firingsquad. Its looking like i will upgrade to a 3870 unless i can find more info on the duel card that i heard is coming out in Q1 08. I wonder how well the multi-chip cards will stand up against the "monolithic" cards from Nvidia. I prefer the 1 huge card vs multiple smaller cards from my past experience (1 1900xt = 3 1600xt....can only use 2 at a time) but if they are going to be multiple chips on one card i guess its kinda the same.


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