X264 vfw log console error

recently i facing some problems when i browsing through floders having videos...

an small process window named " x264 vfw log console " with video encode failed ..... some thing like that

that folder contains video hangs for few seconds , others programs & explore windows works fine..

as far i remember i have update klite codec pack to 5.9 only, no other changes

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  1. I have the same probleme that manojgj.

    I update k-lite to 5.9 too! I think it's the probleme.

    Somebody can help us please?
  2. easy man you have to open the k-lite codec pack on the start menu go to configuration go to x264vfw.. open it see a window pop up.. then look on the right side of the window you'll see DEBUG its set on warning just put it to none then click on o.k that should be fine by then because i just tried it out and it worked
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