UNDERclocking a Celeron from Windows!...

I've just set up a print server at work, and despite it being a 1.8Ghz Celeron, it's batting out heat like there's no tomorrow (I blame the P4 core!)

I was thinking of underclocking it, but there's no options at all on the Fujitsu Siemens Mobo (no surprises!)

Does anyone know of a reliable over/under clocking tool that works from Windows?

Willamette core (same as P4 Willamette)
1.8GHz (100Mhz x18)

Intel i845GE

256Mb DDR
133MHz (166 is available)
3:4 multi
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  1. reapply the thermal paste. a celeron @ 1.8 ghz with stock cooling shouldn't a problem.

    that or get a real cooling solution.
  2. macer1 said:
    that or get a real cooling solution.

    If you think I'm putting any money into this system, you can think again! ;-)

    I also can't be arsed to go inside it, those heatsinks are horrible to use!

    The thing's not overheating as such, it's just that 1.8GHz is excessive for a computer that starts up, does nothing, then shuts down 9hrs later, most days having achieved nothing (it's an A3 inkjet right next to a colour duplex A4 laser)

    At most it'll print a few things and/or install it's windows updates.
  3. changing clock speeds in windows can only be done with the motherboards windows utilities as far I know. But I haven't done any research outside of that either.
  4. Clockgen brother! You could also try CrystalCPUID to see if you can drop the vcore too.
  5. Cheers guys! Will leave it till after the weekend before I have a fiddle!
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