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As the topic title states. I've been contemplating on building a new rig for a while, just well never got around to it. With the start of a new job, I have a budget, a small one but still a budget. So I figured I'd stay away from the quad cores and got a little cheaper with a little ocing. Here's what I had in mind. (Heard the tforce boards were pretty OC compatible.) (Heard/read this was a nice OC'ing chip, from a couple people saying it could get up to the 6400+ AM2 range, and the $ seems nice) This will paired with--
-- (Comes bundled with the 5000+ Black Edition). (Been a OCZ fanatic for a bit now and figured for the price and OC'ing capabilities it's price for dual channel.)

That would be my first purchase. Next check would be video card, haven't quite gotten a set clue yet. I was thinking maybe.

Now with the Oc'ing I'm planning on the CPU and memory. I'm just trying to get the best bang for my money. VGA, I've kind not made up my mind. So I've come here looking for suggestions, would the set up be worth the 500 I'll end up dropping in it 500-600 I'll end up dropping in it? Also, I'd like some VGA suggestions(around 200), and some cooling suggestions (A budgetish). I'd be willing to swing for a Intel core, just would have to rethink the Mobo, any suggestions on something around 90 dollars that will out perform the AM2 5000+ BE clocked to maybe 3.2ish? Any suggestions would be a big help, computer primarily used for gaming/photoshop and overall programs.

Also have a big case I'm going to use, with a 120mm fan vent in the front, and the 80mm in the back. Not afraid of using a fan controller if needed. Als0 have a 600W PSU.

Also, anyone know what's up with registration? Have been trying to sign up with Tomshardware for 3 days now and I either get sent to a blank page. Or the popup gives me all green check marks and just spins with my PW/User/E-mail in it. Had to go to to get a Username =/
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  1. My CPU suggestion would be this:
    11x mutli, very overclockable.

    My motherboard suggestion would be this:
    inexpensive, very overclockable, all solid capacitors

    For memory I would suggest this:
    Good quality, very inexpensive

    And as for the video card go with a Evga 8800GT 512 at stock speeds and use Ntune or Riva tuner to overclock yourself and save some money.

    The total for motherboard, memory, CPU, and video after MIR would be $378.54 including shipping.
  2. ^ To that, add this cooler:

    Keeps my e2180 @ 3.0 less than 50C under load, and 23C idle.
  3. Really appreciate all the help, would there maybe be a nice PCI-Express 2.0 board? I don't plan on keeping this set up forever. Just till new gen stuff arrives and I have more $$$$ on hand, so maybe till next jan(ish). So I need something cheap but very very reliable and FPS friendly. Didn't know if I should look into a 2.0 card, even though I'm sure that 2.0 wont be wide spread for a while. Any suggestions for case cooling? I was thinking maybe...lack of a case, I had some spare 2X1's laying around, and some thin oak wood. Thinking maybe build a frame for the HDD/DvD-rw and mobo/psu support. Maybe a thin screen covering all the way around. Also maybe a fan and a built metal structure(kind of air vent) on the bottom with maybe a 120MM pulled air in, and the rest pushing out? Would rather stray away from buying a case and keep my current set up in this case. I know wood isn't very conductive for heat. Figured a cheap box with just some structure and maybe some thin plywood to hold the fans might be an alternative? I enjoy creativity. Any suggestions? Thanks for the advice on parts. I'm looking for the best products to OC and get quite good higher end results. Also, anyone ever thought of one of those USB mini fridges cut the back out and put in a 80mm fan going into the case? Not a normal refrigerator temp but could be something. I know it gets a can down around 42 degress in a few minutes. Also, any mobo possible for clocking that comes with a on board video card? I'd like to use this system while waiting the week to get a a 8800
  4. First of all when you finish a thought and move onto the next you should use a paragraph break.

    This allows your reader to more easily follow what you are writing.

    Now that that's out of my system to respond to your questions.

    1: Wood is a great insulator which would keep heat inside your case but if you did some kind of wood frame with screening and fans I think you would be fine.

    2:A fridge of any kind is a bad idea, too much moisture and condensation.

    3: As for PCI-E 2.0 the only Intel compatible motherboards currently which support it are X38/X48 and 780i/750i and unless you are using the fastest card there is at 1920x1200 or higher you won't notice the difference. If you want PCI-E 2.0 your going to have to spend a lot on your motherboard, like half of your $500 budget.

    At the end of the year everything is going to change with the introduction of Nehalem so don't buy with visions of upgrading, the components I listed or the other's mentioned would give you great performance for the next 8-12 months.
  5. Yeah, it bothered me when I posted it. Just kept rambling on and on, get halfway through and remember something I'd like to add. I normally do quite well with grammar, just guess was in a rush for work. =/ Oh wells.

    Looks like I'll give this build a shot, really appreciate the help and advice.
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