Best Software with Blu-ray.

I recently bought a LG Black SATA Internal Blu-ray Burner 6X Blu-ray Disc Burner & HD DVD-ROM Drive Model GGW-H20L - Retail. The software bundled with the drive is absolutely junk. I was thinking about getting the dvd ultra suite 6 from cyberlink, but are there any better applications out there?
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  1. Try VLC.
    (Not sure if it supports Blu-Ray now)
  2. No open source player supports BR yet. Even if an open source player supported the audio and disk structures (they do not), they still do not support AACS and BD+ decryption.

    Nero 8 also has support for BR disks now.
  3. But Nero 8 doesn't play BR does it. I know it can burn.
  4. Yes, it can.
  5. Nero is a player and burner, not just a burner.

    I use Cyberlink.
  6. Here is a link where to get plug-ins for Nero
  7. what's better?

  8. mpc home cinema is an open source software that supports blu ray playback.
    it also supports hardware acceleration of h264 and vc1.
    here is the link
  9. Hmm.

    How good is the MPC-Home Cinema?
    I don't mind paying for a good program, I just don't want a crappy player (otherwise I'd just stick with the bundle software).
  10. MPC-HC doesnt support BR playback.

    MPC-HC is also Directshow based, so you can use any directshow filters you want. (read ffdshow)
  11. I see, thanks.

    I'm probably just getting the Cyberlink Ultra Suite 6. Only $70 bucks off newegg.
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