Newly built system, getting event id 51 in sys log b4 bsod

System (nothing overclocked, checked all temps in bios & while running, all are fine (will post next to component):
Asus Striker Extreme MB in a Stacker 830 EVO
Core 2 duo E6850
2 GB Corsair Dominator RAM
4 seagate barracudas: 250 GB, in a RAID 0+1 array set up using NVRAID. They are on SATA ports 2, 3, 4, 6 (with a CD ROM on 5, and 1 is open) . The seagate diagnostic utility shows them as running around 26 degrees each. I did the drive self test (from their dos utility), and it passed on each drive.
2x 8800 GTXs in SLI
Creative Fatility champion series sound card
PSU is a 1000W RealPower Pro

Running windows xp pro.

I read what I could find on the event id 51 log entries... no setting for NCQ on the RAID array, and the posts I found on other boards about the nvidia storage drivers having a problem were over a year old...

HD SMART hasn't tripped

If I boot fresh, I have not encountered a problem within 20 hours or so. If I leave the computer on overnight, I can do many things without a problem, but loading up hellgate london (I haven't tried other games yet, will try tomorrow) causes bsod generally within a few seconds of actually loading fully into the game. I did not notice the event id 51's in the event log at this time; I couldn't find any errors/warnings in the system log. The BSOD did not list a specific driver, but said to run the driver verifier. I did this with a subset of drivers (all the creative & nvidia drivers). I left it running overnight, and after about 24 hours (according to the system log), 10 or so warnings were logged with event id 51 (a device problem while doing something with the paging file), followed (presumably immediately) by a bsod (which was up when I came in to check on the comp). On a second try, within 3 hours I had something like 18 warnings (event id 51) in a row right before a bsod. The bsod here is the same as the one I get when loading hellgate london after leaving the computer on for about 24 hours.

I have had no bsod's while doing any gaming so long as I have booted fresh that day.

I am using the latest chipset drivers from NVIDIA, the latest display drivers from NVIDIA, have BIOS revision 1013 (latest last I checked), the latest sound drivers, etc. Windows updated all the critical updates, none of the optional ones.

Anyone have any ideas on what I could try next to try and run this problem down?
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  1. bump
  2. I would try removing the sound card and testing.
    Then try a single GTX.

    See if either helps.
    If it does, it gives you a place to focus.
  3. Aha, found the problem.
    The sound card driver thus loaded a process called DLLML.exe
    This is apparently (according to a quick cursory search on google) used to enable the IR remote (which I don't use, as I didn't bother with the front panel connection).

    Anyways, I discovered the problem when I was glancing at my system resource usage, and saw 20 million page faults for this file and climbing rapidly. Apparently it doesn't interact well with nvraid. This is what was causing the eventid 51 warnings, and causing bsod after my comp was on for a while. I killed the process and haven't had to reboot in 4 days and counting now. I've been checking the event logs and no more event id 51's.

    Just wanted to update this so if anyone else experiences a similar problem on a similar rig (ie: running nvraid and have a creative soundcard with IR remote), they can check to see if this is causing the problem.
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