Question about 45nm procs and cheap motherboards

I've decided to hold out on 7xx mobos since Nehalem will make em obsolete anyhow..

I decided to go with any good cheap mobo that can support Wolfdale 45nm procs. My price-range is lke 110-115 shipped. I don't need SLI atm, I would like the FSB to support 1333 and for it to support DDR2 800mhz mem.

Any suggestions? (And I did read the sticky about recommendations but not all recommendations specify 45nm supp)
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  1. p35 board take your pic. I like p5k se $104.00.
  2. I am in the same boat.... Looking for a good mobo to run the upcoming E8400 wolfdale duel core penryn.... EXPREVIEW did a wonderful preview of that CPU, and they got to an easy 4ghz overclock.

    They appear to be using this motherboard---

    A bit pricey but I might stay with this just to be safe (proven overclocker). It also uses DDR2 and FSB 1333 support.

    I am not soo sure about that p5k se roadrunner.... It only has 3 out of 5 eggs!

    Anyone else know of a good mobo for the wolfdales? What are the best cheap boards, and what are the best overclockers for those with a higher budget?
  3. Does ASUS have a mobo out yet to officially support Penryn?
  4. P35s and x38s they are also working on x48.
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