PC doesnt see my SH-S203B

Hey everyone. So i hadnt used my DVD in a while on the pc as I havent installed anything. I picked up spore and while trying to install, the drive opens, spins and then nothing.

Upon checking the Device Manager, it shows my TSST corp CDDCDW SH-S203B ATA device, but says it cant find the driver.

It obviously worked at one point or I wouldnt have windows or any of my games installed.

When I went to Samsung to try and download new drivers I ran their programs but it says it cant find my drive. I bought it from New Egg when I built my PC, but it didnt come with any software... just a DVD in a sealed bag.

help help, seems such a weird way to worry about updating a driver

Im running Vista Home Premium
Intel E8400
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
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  1. Try the firmware from samsung download center. I see the 203B there. My drive used to be working perfect then for some reason it started burning like more than 45minutes.

    After i used the latest firmware it got fixed.

    So it was okay for a month or so. Then last night after coming home from a party even after a reboot my pc won't see my 203B hmmmm..

    This article might help you. http://icrontic.com/articles/office-hours-4

    The upper and lower filters they talk about might come from iTunes. Atleast mine did anyway. Because after taking those files out of regedit. iTunes told me that the burning function wont work and needs a reinstall.

    But I don't think that is the cause of my problem though.

    Anyway I hope that helps you.
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