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Hello, not too long ago I got this motherboard and for a while it seemed to work fine. There were lots of random issues but for a while this board and all the configurations worked alright..

I had to get some things off my old back-up drive and we changed up some primary/master settings between the drives and CD rom, and also had a bad ribbon cable issue then later this lock up issue. I dont know if it did or didn't have to do with that drive swapping but here's what happens all around..

Sometimes I can be on a game running smooth for HOURS on end without a lock up, however other times it can be a mere 20-30 min. and my whole computer just locks - everything stops and I have to manually reboot. It doesnt matter too much on how graphically intense the game is either I have crashed on anything from say Torchlight to Left 4 Dead 2 to Dragon Age..

Temperatures all read fine if needed I can repost but I am 99% temps are not the issue, my boyfriend who is training for all this IT crap is also trying to help me with the issue but it just honestly has us stumped. We also checked volts and those are fine.. I am fairly certain this isnt the issue either.. but you never know.

I don't quite know how to put in a dxdiag attatchment on here or what to do with that but I will gladly copy and paste one if needed.

Here are steps we have taken..

* Swapped out graphics card with another known working one
* Swapped out memory and changed slots
* Took out the external drive, in fact I have completely replaced my drive with a new TB drive.

* Reformatted completely as well as started over on a new drive.. so no its not a virus.

I am running windows XP Professional.
Other specs:
ASUS P5N-D motherboard
Intel q8300 CPU at 2.5GHz
nVidia GeForce 9800 GT
4gb of DDR2 memory, 2 gb ddr2 667, 2 gb ddr2 1066
(this has all been swapped around, I am currently only using 2GB ddr2)
600 WATT psu

Again I will gladly also paste a dxdiag if that would also be needed. I have tried to also check eventviewer but because its just a lock up where i have to even manually reboot it doesnt tell me anything in there - no log until startup.
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  1. I'm having some similar problems to you. I wonder what could be causing these problems across a spectrum of hardware? I sure hope it isn't some integral Windows problem that can not/will not ever be fixed, but with every thing I rule out it seems to be coming closer to that.

    My thread is located here if you want to check in on it.
  2. I too have recently upgraded to the P5N-D m/b and have seen the intermittent freeze problem. You run fine for minutes or hours, then just suddenly it stops cold. Nothing works. No mouse, nothing.

    It is not temperature related, I upgraded to the latest MB firmware (1401), and otherwise all is well. Still freezes.

    Does ASUS provide any support for this? How can I get any dumps if it just hangs? It seems like maybe there is a pattern with this m/b, or perhaps some are defective. I guess I should contact ASUS about this, but saw these posts and wanted to add my experience. I have the Q9550 CPU with OCX memory 4GB (2 sticks).
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