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The other day I turned my system to open it up and when I turnrd it back on my OS was gone. I have info on this drive that I need off and I now that there has to be a way to get to it and get it off can I hook this drive up as a slave drive and try and access it from another drive or is there a program that I can get hold of to get me a c prompt,

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  1. You can hook the drive up as a slave to see if you can read it.
  2. First I would boot from the Ultimate Boot CD and test the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic utility.

    If the drive is healthy I'd then boot from a Knoppix DVD to recover any data.

    Or I'd connect it to a working PC via a IDE/SATA to USB 2.0 adaper.

    If its defective I'd connect it to a working PC via a USB 2.0 adapter then run a program like GetDataBack NTFS to scan it for recoverable files.
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