Need new HS/Fan for HIS X1950pro AGP 512mb

Hi, i have a HIS X1950pro agp and i have been looking for a new vga cooler but i am not sure what to get. Right now my card has the "HIS ICE BERG 3 cooler" its really loud and it sounds like the fan is grinding something. So if you guys can guide me to the right cooler i would much appreciate it.
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  1. Before looking for a new cooler, why don't you download Rivatuner and check the temps? If load temps are well below 85C, then you can crank down the fan speeds so silence the cooler a bit. Of course you can program it so it can spin up during game play.
  2. it's a bad cooler and HIS tech support says there is nothing they will do for me. It makes a grinding sound on almost all fan settings. It's a factory overclock version at 590 core and 1.54ghz memory. I cant even overclock or underclock it. If i touch the speed on the core or memory by even 1mhz it will start to artifact even if i underclock it. On idol its 60c and full its 79c. I changed the thermal paste with arctic silver 5 and still get same temps. I have 3 120mm fans. Two blowing cold air in and 1 blowing hot air out. So i don't think it has to do with air circulation. So if anyone knows what i should get please tell me. And water cooling is out the question.
  3. also i tried cleaning the fan with compressed air and i have tried using rivatuner and changed the fan speeds and i still get a grinding and clicking sound. Strange that i don't see any obstructions on the fan to make such a sound.
  4. When I had my X1950 Pro I bought a Zalman VF900 for it. Cooled the mother down so much I decided I would try to do a volt mod on the card. You can probably guess what happened...Amateur soldering + PCB = DEAD

    Anyways, if I can find all the parts. Ram sinks, screws, washers, etc. I will sell it to you for much cheaper then retail (which is about $40 with S&H). Let me know if you are interested.

    I can testify that it works on a PCI-E version of the X1950 Pro and I don't see why AGP would make a difference.

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