Search by size?

How would I search for files/folders in XP by only the size?
Say i want to find all files that are one GIG or more?

I vagly remember some DOS, *.* etc..
if dir *txt*.* finds all txt files how would I do size?

Or better yet is there a way to do the search in the search window? I didn't see it.

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  1. If you know the extension, just use the search function with the extension that you're looking for. Then arrange the results by file size.
  2. Naw, that will not work.

    I suppose i could go through all the most common extensions.
    exe bat etc... on second thought, no.

    I'm supprised that there isn't a way to do it.

    I don't even remember if theres a way to do it in DOS.

    Thanks for the try.
  3. Do you know any part of the file name?
  4. no. i wanted just size; I found these and they seem pretty good for what I wanted. Worth looking at and free.
  5. I would suggest WinDirStat. Helped me save some gb's on my HD.
  6. Ah, I see. I thought you were searching for a specific file.

    Jdisk is a similar type software. We occasionally use it at work on our servers.
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