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Google Chrome stalls on page loads

January 23, 2013 9:52:55 PM

I've been using chrome for a while. Lately, if I have more than one window open, I'll change pages on one and chrome stalls. It works again if I minimize then reopen it. What the heck?

I am even starting to hate chrome as much as IE and firefox.

Also, I'm getiing sick of all the setup required by T-bird to use multiple accounts/mailboxes. there is so much crap required to setup an account, Why can't someone do another nice simple mail client like Outlook Express?

Is anyone finding another easy but featured mailclient?

The other problem I'm having with T-bird is the address book. I imported my Out Express address book as per the Mozilla instructions but none of my addresses show up in the T-bird contact pane. The only addresses showing are the ones captured since T-bird started.

If I start typing an address in to the TO: position, T-bird will offer me suggestions from my OE address book, but boy is that a pain in the A_ _, for putting out a newsletter. The older I get the shorter my memory gets so it makes it a pain to remember who subscribes to what newsletter. Any Suggestions?

And before I get any replies, I'm not putting all my email out in the cloud with gmail or win live mail or any thing similar. I want my mail on my machine, not on some third world server.

Thanks, Bob