Unable to RAID 1 on P5Q-E

Hi all,

I just recently bought a new system and I wanted to recreate the RAID 1 array that I had on my older one. But when I create it, following the manual instruction, all is fine until I enter Vista. It loads Vista (the little green moving bar at the bottom of the screen) and after I get a really fast BSOD (probably .05 second) and the system reboots

Here are my specs:

Asus P5Q-e (brand new)
Intel Q6600 G0 (brand new
4GB OCZ Reaper (2 x 2GB) (brand new)
1 X WD Velociraptor (main drive for software, not RAID) (2 months old)
2 X WD3200AAKS 320 GB (for RAID 1) (1 and 2 year old)
EVGA 8800GT 512MB (1 year old)
Vista Business 64 bit
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  1. Why are you using a RAID-1 for windows when you have a Velociraptor?

    In anycase, whats the BSOD error? have you tried just installing off a single drive to see if you get the same issue?
  2. Could be hard drive corruption issue. Install off each drive separately, then if no errors occur, create the array again.
  3. I use my vraptor for Vista and Software, because I want maximal performance.

    The BSOD is just to fast, like I said, it's more a flash than anything else.

    I'll try installing the drives separatly...
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