Mixed RAM Timing?

Hey guys, I have 2x1GB OCZ Platinum RAM that's listed as having 4-5-4-12 and 2x1GB OCZ Platinum Revision 2 RAM listed as having 4-4-4-12. My question is, is it ok these 2 and have them both run at 4-4-4-12? Or would that cause problems?
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  1. It may cause problems because becuase the older set isnt rated that low. In anycase if it does cause problems drop back to 4-5-4-12 of the old stuff and you shouldnt have issues then.
  2. Oh really? Is there any program I can use to test stability of timings for my RAM?
  3. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html

    get it burn it in nero, burn image from recorder not burn the file

    when ISO linux loads just hit enter, under mb tools you will see memtest86....run it overnight....

    Make sure you set the right voltage, for the plat rev 1 its 2.2 i think....All ram will get the same voltage....so go with whatever is the lowest of the 2.....

    I currently run the plat rev 1(2x1gig) and cheap rendition(667 rated at 1.8 volts 5,5,5,15) stuff together. It all runs 667 4,4,4,10 with 2 volts(would run 1.9 for just the rendition, but i needed an extra 0.1 volts for 4 sticks....so you may need this too)

    99.9999991% sure it(yours) will all do 4,4,412 with no problems...
  4. No program I can run straight from Windows? And as far as I know, both run at 2.1v, but 2.2 is under EPV. But all 4 would work fine at 4-4-4-10 with 2.0v you're saying? :o That'd be nice.
  5. no...i am running at 667 not 800(i am sure mine said 2.2, but its not like that on there site no more...ohh well 2.2 max for EPV)....if you are running 667 then you will do that easy.... that depends on the rest of your system....i always run 1:1 for Intel systems and as fast as i can for AMD.

    For windows you can run a blend torture test in prime95, if the ram is bad it will error, but if your cpu is bad(overclocked too far, ect) it will error the same way. memtest86 checks just ram....its bootable and will not touch your system in any way...there are tools on the ultimate boot cd that can...so stick to memtest for now....
  6. Nope, running at 800 right now, 1:1 with FSB. E6600 @ 3.2GHz (8x400) 1.325v.
  7. yeah....so 2.1volts...maybe even 2.2 for 4 sticks....
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