What to Upgrade/Where's the Bottleneck?

Hey, I'm thinking of throwing a few more bucks into my machine . . . what should I put them into? Performance increases from a gaming perspective are what I'm after.

Current Specs:

ASUS m2n SLI deluxe
AMD 64 X2 4800
2X Patriot 1GB 800mHz
Enermax Liberty 500W SLI compatible
WDC 250 GB Harddrive
Windows Vista 32

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  1. Better PSU like the 520HX. And if OCing a better cooler. You might want to look at a Intel set up. What is your budget? Even a E2180 OCed can beat your X2 based system pretty easily.


  2. I'm thinking of only a little bit of an upgrade, so preferably I'd like to keep the spending below $200 (100 would be better). So, no major overhauls are probably going to happen.
  3. Gaming, get a 3850, 3870, or maybe a 8800gt. good luck
  4. your processor still has life in it, but your graphics card is your current bottleneck. upgrade your graphics card now and when AMD refreshes its phenom brand get one of their cheaper refreshed models. (current phenom lineup isnt very promising.) Fortunately you have tons of life left in your system. What you can do is upgrade to the ati 3850 or 3870 or maybe even get an 8800gt.... or you can stiff it out and wait for the geforce 9 cards next year or whatever ati has to offer
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