Seagate Savvio 15K.1 or velociraptor

Hello everyone,

My 74 gig raptor served me very well. Now its gone and i need a new hard drive and i am looking to upgrade and need some help. I was looking at single drives such as wd 150 gig raptor,or the wd velociraptors , or actually upgrading to a 15k scsi drive such as Seagate Savvio 15K.1 Admittedly i dont know much about scsi except i think i need a controller.

I dont have a ton of money but i was looking at the velociraptor at 289.00 us and the 250.00us savvio 15k and was thinking maybe i could add a controller and have scsi. Is it that simple or am i way off? what do i need to factor in that i might be aware of and what should i do? I use my computer for entertainment only which includes a lot of downloading music etc but primarily FPS type GAMING.
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  1. The Velociraptor is very nice and I don't know much about the Savvio, but I would actually get the WD6400AAKS and at least try it out. It's only $85.00 and is a pretty fast drive.

    I have a 74G Raptor HD and have installed a few 150G Raptor X HDs. I was really impressed by this drive. It certainly doesn't have the seek times of the other drives, but you might be pleasantly surprised by its performance. If your not, then use it as a fast storage drive.
  2. ^+1 That 640gb hard drive has very good performance.
  3. A SCSI controller to run that Seagate Savvio 15K.1 will cost you $150 or more. You should save your money and follow Zorg's recommendation.
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