XFX 8800gt bigger cooling fans than standard

just found out XFX's 8800gt's have a bigger cooling fan would this help its cooling problems significanty or wouldn't it do much?
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  1. It's a new revised cooler not just for XFX, I know the new EVGA and Leadtek also have it. Here's a review for the performance:


    It keeps things 2-3C cooler and it's much quieter.
  2. might be enough to stop me getting the 8800 gts alpha dog and get this
  3. that makes me happy :) 1600rpm at full speed and 700rpm at idle? that sounds like a nice quiet system to me!
  4. Do you think this is the reason of the low amount of GTs in stock?
    That they noticed that the market wanted a better cooler?
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