asus eee pc running diablo 2?

hi. sorry if this is the wrong area to ask. D:

will an asus eee pc 4g surf run diablo 2?

i believe the specs are
celeron 900mhz
512mb ram
4mb onboard video
4gb hdd
xp pro sp2 (going to install that)

just ordered it off newegg. didnt buy it for games, but if i wanted to play d2 on it, would i be able to?
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  1. It has a Linux OS so no it won't run Diablo 2. Look at this and you might find something that can run
  2. Accidentally double posted :o
  3. You might have better luck installing Wine in the Linux that is on there. It should run Diablo just fine as it is an older game. Don't know about the video card though. I doubt it would hurt to try.

    Would take up much less space on the HD than Windows. Windows may not even run very well on that 4gb drive.

    Just found this also. It seems Wine will indeed run Diablo2.
  4. You can easily install windows on that EEE, me and a friend love fooling around with his. You just need to get the special version of Windows without any bloatware on it (Can't remember it's name, if i find out later i'll post it here) then put it on a USB pen. Then simply boot it from the USB drive!
  5. Thanks for the link AUsch30. Some neat games they have. Just not sure how I'd install it on the computer.

    Thanks timck. Kind of confusing. D:

    Quantumsheep, is it this, Would I be able to boot through a MMC/SD card? Or would it be too slow? By the way, is the RAM soldered in on the 4G Surf model? That's what I read on Newegg (reviews).. But on Wiki it says its only the 2G Surf models that have them soldered in.. So I'm not sure if I should order more RAM yet. And is 4MB really the max video memory?

    Integrated Intel GMA 900 graphics processor (Shared Memory Architecture), additional VGA port (up to 1600×1280 pixels)[14]

    What can I install on a Mini-PCIe slot?
  6. i would never get a laptop that has less than 1gb of matter what size the 512 mb is toooo old! anyways yes it will run diablo 2, i usto run it on my 233mhz amd k6 with 160mb ram (32mb + 128mb) and the graphics card was like a ati rage II or something with only 2mb graphics memory!
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