Need help on my build - power issues

Hello, I performed a new build with the components on this thread:

Here is the issue. For the most part, the computer works just fine. However, I am having issues whenever I put the computer to sleep or power it down and start it back up. Originally, I thought I was having some issues with Vista and the well-known problem it has with sleeping (which I don't bother doing anymore) but I think the problem is more structural than that.

If I power down and then power it back up, the machine turns on but it does not sound like the hard drive is turning. Also, the computer monitor does not wake up, making it difficult for me to see what exactly is going on. Ultimately, I am forced to basically unplug the whole thing, wait a while, plug it in, and try again. After a few tries it eventually starts working but when the BIOS runs I get a message saying "Overclocking Failed". I have not done any overclocking of this machine.

I'm trying to narrow down what the problem is. At first I thought there were some bad BIOS settings but I don't see anything suspicious. I've also seen other threads noting that it might be a PSU problem - either too small, or just not working properly.

Can anyone help me narrow down what the problem might be?
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  1. Possibly the power supply.Good idea to test it with a Digital Volt Meter.
  2. Have you tried resetting the bios to default?
    check up all the connection from your power supply to your motherboard
    have you updated the bios?
    I aleready encouter this problem, i just cant remember how i fix it, im not sure but i think it was the 4 pin connector on the mb

    wish this will help you out
  3. I will try the BIOS update first and then the power supply. As this is a new build I haven't farted around with the BIOS since I got this thing. Plus, I'm not sure what BIOS settings would be causing this issue in the first place. I suspect it is the power supply. Could it simply be an issue of a bad power supply or is the one I have too "small" for the components I have?

  4. I'm not sure I'd trust that Rosewill 500W PSU

    Tier 5 see below
  5. Wow...thanks Bob. Maybe I'll just get a new one and see if that takes care of it.
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