8800GT Woes

Driving me nuts!

My 7800GT recently died. OK, I thought. Time for an upgrade. I pre ordered the Asus TOP 700mhz 8800GT from overclockers. The due date came and went. Then came and went again AND again. By which time they had already taken my money and had made no effort to contact me regarding the lateness of the product. I cancelled the order and within 4 days, I had my money back.

I browsed around and found another UK site, novatech.co.uk saying they had 15 EVGA KO's coming in last Thursday. GREAT! I quickly ordered and was looking forward to a shiny new card but guess what! Thursday came and went. I gave them a ring and enquired as to the state of the order. Friday, they promised! OK I thought, just means I will have to wait till Monday before I get the card. Well, it is Monday, and I have no card. They have now told me Thursday AGAIN.

Normally, all this wouldnt bother me, but as my old card died I have been without a system for weeks. I am now forced with the decision to buy an inferior GTS for more money or really rape my wallet and get a GTX. This seems pointless as the G92 GTS will be along shortly, with the 9xxx series not too far behind it. I just need a system! I am currently running a PIII laptop at home at 800x600. I can almost count the pixels.

So I guess what I need is some advice. What would you guys suggest I do?

Thanks fellas

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  1. u know u can try ati's 3850 or whatever their new one is. but if i was u. ill buy one of the dx9 cards cheapest yet good. n wait for 8800gt or the new gts.
  2. Do you guys have evga "Step-up" program in UK?
    that might help you out
    get an inferior 8800gts and step up to better one when it comes out
  3. Mmm...living in the UK as well, I thought that I would have to wait for ages to get a 8800GT. I placed a pre-order for one on the Overclockers.co.uk website about a week and a half ago. I think it was on a Friday. It was actually registered as out-of-stock on the website and it listed a refresh of stock date of about 2 weeks ahead or something. I thought I'd place an order though and just wait. So I placed the order friday and to my surprise I had an email by friday night saying that my order had been received, the item picked and I could expect delivery on the monday! Awesome I thought. I guess perhaps they had some lying around or they were listing it as out-of-stock by mistake. Anyway, Monday came and I received the card to much enjoyment.

    So basically, might be worth looking at the overclockers site.
  4. The HD3870 is a decent alternative, they perform about ~15% less than an 8800GT for reasonably less money. Definitely a better option than over-paying for a closely matched GTS or burning money on the GTX when the G92 GTS is just around the corner.
  5. In case you're wondering, the 8800GT on Overclockers that I went for was the superclocked EVGA one that comes with Crysis bundled. Not too bad I thought for an factory overclocked card, with Crysis and with the EVGA stepup program. I only really like to spend around £150 on a GPU but with these bundled features, I could stretch a little more.
  6. does anyone know if the EVGA step up program is valid in the UK and is it only available for a select few cards or any EVGA card?
  7. If you're in a hurry, nothing wrong with the 3870...
  8. m1ddy said:
    does anyone know if the EVGA step up program is valid in the UK and is it only available for a select few cards or any EVGA card?

    I'm fairly sure that the step-up is available in the UK and I'm pretty sure it covers all cards. Check EVGAs website though as they'll have all the terms and conditions etc.
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