is this a good Water cooler?

I want somthing that would fit in a drive bay like this one. I'm wondering if this would do the job when I get a Phenom X4 9850. mainly I want to cool my CPU better than my Tuniq Tower and this is my case.
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  1. No to the W/Cer. No to the case.
  2. heh, the most recent newegg review said he had to trim the computer case to get it to fit and still gave it a perfect rating. It looks like a terrible design.
  3. If you have the tower already, the only way to bring down the CPU temp is to move more air across the cooler and through the case. Also lowering the ambient air temp going into the computer will help.
  4. Hi regarding the water cooler, the main problem with watercooling like that thermaltake one is airflow. It's important to get the air where the radiator is as cool as possible, and looking at the case your interested in i don't think it's a good idea to have an internal radiator in such a small area.

    if your thinking about watercooling still you may want to have a look at some external coolers, Koolance and Asetek have decent models going around is one i found on newegg, but you may also want to check for some other coolers

    If you want better cooling and don't mind punching a hole or 2 in your case swiftech make great watercooling kits and they are really easy to install (i've set 3 systems with them already easy as)
    and if your paranoid of getting water on your hardware you can invest in some Fluid XP since it's none conductive

    Anyways i hope this helps
  5. well my problem is this my case is a mid tower and a dual radiator setup would block my 8800 ultra I was thinking of adding a radiator if I get the tt one. I think 1 120mm radiator with a fan blowing out that is where the water will go first to cool down then from there it'll go to the tt radiator which I think I may just take the fan off just so the hot air won't be there but sence it's going to go to the one radiator I plan on putting in the back first I may just keep it sence the watter will be some what more cooler. I'm also going to get the Swiftech CPU block sence I don't like the one tt has. I'll just need to get the nozzel for the radiator.
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