Q6600 G0 + P35-DS3L - I can't seem to increase my voltage...

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to overclock my q6600 G0 with my gigabyte P35-DS3L Motherboard.

My chip's default vcore is 1.2375. I have tried increasing this in the bios to 1.2875, however it doesn't seem to change.

in core temp, my VID is still 1.2375v, in everest it shows my vcore as 1.238v, and in CPU-Z, it shows as 1.200V.

I managed to overclock it to 3.0ghz. and it looks to be stable. What worries me is that i set the voltage to 1.2875, and it isn't showing that.

I tried 3.2 and it crashed.


i tried increasing my voltage to 1.4, and it did show a change in cpu-z and everest. but it was at like 1.34 not 1.4. is this normal?
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  1. yeah, i have the crucial ballistix and i'm running them at 4-4-4-12 at 2.2v.

    also i already have an aftermaket cooler.
  2. What kind? Anything past 3 GHz and you will need a prett good one.

    Right now, I am experimenting with a new system - EP35-DS3P, Q6600, TR Ultra 120 Ext. in an Antec 900 case.

    Ambient air temp is 25 C. All the case fans are set on Medium. HSF fan is an S-Flex SFF21F controlled by motherboard.

    At 3.3 GHz, Vcore is 1.300 volts, runs 4 instances of Prime 95 overnight. Core temps go to 50 - 55 C.

    At 3.6 GHz, Vcore is 1.42 volts, droops to 1.38 volts under load. FSB voltage is + .20 volts, MCH is + .10 volts. Core temps are 60 - 65 C.

    Air out the top is 27 C. Air out the back is 28.5 C. Air out the PSU fan is 30 C.

    Still experimenting with voltages.

    However, I will probably go back to 3.3 GHz.
  3. For 3GHZ you will need to increase volts more and the drop you see is called V-droop. Its normal.
  4. +1 vdrop/vdroop especially with the DS3L. You have a good VID and should require less vcore for a given OC than GOs with higher VIDs. Many Q6600 GOs will do 9x333 on stock volts or lower. Ensure you have C1E and EIST disabled.
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